What Happaned to the FCL?

Xavier "Kodiris" Ruiz
January 5, 2021

First and foremost, we deeply regret not being forward with communication regarding the FCL. Our plan all along was to officially start the FCL when spectator was implemented in game and had planned around an estimated date. However, as we all know, spectator was not implemented in 2020. While internally we knew what our plans were, as an organization we failed to inform the community of this. 

Moving forward, we will be postponing FCL until spectator has been released. In this article, I will address some major points regarding this decision.

It is our vision that the FCL will serve as a high quality, production based event aimed at increasing player skill level by showcasing the best players and best teams Fault has to offer. Due to the $1000 prize pool that we are investing in this event, we would like to have it be the best quality both production and experience wise we could possibly provide. Therefore, our goal is to not skimp out on production quality by doing it through discord etc. 

It is well known that with the Beards vs Broads and Community vs SMS events that we were able to do some level of production. This included an immense amount of work by both our staff and the players through video editing/recording. Unfortunately, this method would not be feasible on a larger scale such as an open tournament. I would like to reiterate that our goal with the FCL is to not only be a fun, competitive platform for the players participating, but also a streamed event to look forward to for those who aren’t. Additionally a major point I want to emphasize is that the ongoing community events we are running are not in any way a replacement for the FCL, they are a separate entity aimed to drive player interaction through fun concepts. 

When spectator is implemented, we will be ready on the fly to provide the best competitive experience we can for Fault community members. In the meantime I would like to bring attention to a very well run community tournament with a unique draft style done by our friends over at Fault Rivals. For more information on how to participate you can find their discord linked below.

Hope to see you all there when the time comes,

Xavier “Kodiris” Ruiz 

Department Head - Web Development | Tournament Administrator