Ward Skins are coming to Fault

Gregory "Im_Stranger" Kerwin
June 15, 2020

Strange Matter Studios have released their first four Ward skins for Fault. These will be available in Early Access. Each collection of Ward skins consists of one Sentry Ward and one Shadow Ward. 

A Ward in Fault is used to grant vision. Vision is vital in a MOBA and allows your team to gain knowledge on the enemy’s movements and positioning. Thus, aiding you in your decision of what play to make. Such as, taking the Orb Prime. Strange Matter Studios has given the community a way to make Ward placing aesthetically pleasing. 

A Shadow Ward is a Ward that can only be seen by Sentry Wards however, it will expire after 90 seconds. Whereas, a Sentry Ward is clearly visible on the map to anyone and has an unlimited lifespan, at least until destroyed.

The first skins shown are the Raptor Wards:

“Vision never looked so good, maybe now your support will actually use their wards (no promises).”

It seems that these wards may identify what the new raptors may look like. #BigRaptors 

The second collection of Wards revealed are the Eyestone Wards:

This set of Wards are the all-seeing eyes of the Faultarian map and thus this name fits these skins perfectly. Sauron would be proud.

The third collection is titled Lost Tech:

These Wards in particular give the community the rustic feel of old. Where were these Wards discovered? Was it from the earth of the Faultline or in Narbash’s drum set? 

The final collection of Wards are Rock Camo:

The final collection is the revamped version of the third Ward with a different feel. These Wards appear to be what would be the third collection if they were restored.

Strange Matter Studios have once again shown us how capable they are at making their own cosmetic content as well as their 3D modeling capabilities. These Wards seem to be a completely new and original model from the previous Paragon Wards we used to remember. Good Job!

A cool feature of the ward skins is that we will now be able to know who’s wards belong to each hero if they have different skins on. 

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