Twinblast Has Been Reworked in Fault

Gregory "Im_Stranger" Kerwin
June 16, 2020

Twinblast is one of the first of many heroes that Strange Matter Studios have introduced with a reworked kit, including a brand new passive ability that scales as you level.

Twinblast is now more than ever a burst carry that is quick on his feet and extremely evasive. Twinblast is considered a Ranged High-Mobility hero. His guns and grenade inflict physical damage. Twinblast thrives in prolonged combat and can use his arsenal of skills to reposition himself and harass his enemy.

It is ideal to focus items that give twinblast physical damage, critical ability and physical penetration.
However Twinblast does not have any self sustain so you may wish to build lifesteal.

Passive: Overdrive

Landing basic attacks triggers overdrive. Overdrive increases Twinblast’s movement speed up to a maximum of ten stacks depending on how many basic attacks are hit. These stacks only last for 2 seconds. His basic attack stacks at 0.8/1.3/1.7/2.1% depending on the level of the passive. 

LMB: Pistol Shot 

Twinblast fires his pistols in alternating fire dealing damage 54 physical damage at level 1 without any items attached. He has a scaling factor of 1 per level with his LMB and an adaptive damage per level of 2.5. 

Q: Grenade

Twinblast twists his wrist and fires a grenade that explodes. It deals physical damage and applies a slow of 15/18/21/24/27% for 1.5 seconds. Twinblast can store up to 3 charges of Grenade. Twinblast can also consume 2 charges of Grenade to launch a more powerful grenade, increasing it’s radius, damage and slow duration. Twinblast Grenade does 35/55/75/95/110 plus 30% physical power as physical damage. 

His charged grenades deal : 70/110/150/190/220 damage plus 30% physical power as physical damage. The bonus radius goes from 250 to 400. As well, the slow duration increases from, 1.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds. 

E: Rocket Dash/Combat Roll

Twinblast ignites his thrusters, rapidly propelling him in the direction of input. The rocket dash moved Twinblast 450/500/550/600/650 units. The ability turns into Combat Roll during Ventilate. 

R: Ventilate

Twinblast starts to ventilate for 7 seconds. allowing him to shoot twice per basic attack. The second shot deals less damage than his first dealing, 30/40/50% damage of the primary attack and also applies on hit effects like the primary attack. Rocket Dash transforms into Combat Roll, which can be cast 3 times during Ventilate.  

RMB: Rapid Fire 

Twinblast overclocks his implants, gaining 30% attack speed for 4 seconds. As well, he gains an additional attack speed bonus and basic attack damage bonus per stack of Overdrive (Passive). He gains 3/3.5/4/4.5/5% attack speed and 2/3/4/5/6 bonus attack damage per stack of Overdrive. 

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