The Future of The Fault Hub

Gregory "Im_Stranger" Kerwin
May 21, 2020

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed, we recently changed our name to the Fault Hub Network (FHN). Today, we will share with you what that means for the future of FHN and our plans going forward.

When we started The Fault Hub, we did so with the means to show everyone the Heroes, Items & Aspect information that was missing from the old Fault website. We stylized the patch notes in a much easier-to-read fashion than what was presented officially by Strange Matter Studios; we also hosted a place for the early alpha weekend players to find groups so they can communicate with their teams. However, with all these things, we feel like we need to do more. With the current update to the official Fault website, there is no real reason to check FHN over the official one anymore. The Fault Hub Network will still strive to be the #1 community source of news and information and once Early Access begins and you will see a lot more news articles and discussions as the game evolves -- but that is not all.

This is where the new name comes into play.

We are happy to announce we have merged with the guys from the Faultarian Journal (Im_StranGerr, GottaGetSwole & EssayRead) to bring their show to a new home. Each week, we will host the Faultarian Journal Talk Show (Game Discussions, Player & Dev Interviews, etc.) on our Twitch channel. That is just once a week though and we want to do even more than that.

Our plan for Early Access and beyond is to not only stream once a week and have just the 1 show, but 5 times a week with 3 shows including our very own tournament hosted right here by the guys at the FHN. Here is an example of what our ideal weekly schedule could look like:

Obviously, this is all subject to change (especially if patch days are not on a Tuesday, it is only speculation right now) but it is something we are actively working on behind the scenes with the additional production manpower we have gained recently. We hope going forward we can provide you with as much content as you can handle with all the information you could ever need regarding Fault. Once everything is ironed out we will make sure to announce everything but expect to see some new faces and some changes to the Discord server.

It is quite the undertaking; however, we are committed to giving you the best experience possible as we all embark on this new and exciting journey and we thank you for your continued support.