Strange Matter Dev Stream Update 2

Dylan "The_Agorian" DiGregorio
November 25, 2020

Earlier this week Strange Matter Studios held a surprise dev stream. This stream showcased a new milestone patch, update 0.9.0, for Fault. Which went live at around 6:30pm est on the 22nd. This update contained huge leaps in developmental progression. One of the main “carry” heroes in the game Twinblast received a set of custom SFX as a part of the end results of this update. Alongside this, the company has showcased their updated item system, on their new “Items” section of the main screens “Learn” tab. The former item system consisted of a direct tree path in which a base item built into one or two item trees to complete a legendary item. The current 0.9.0 system has been changed to reflect a recipe system in which a player will start by building a multitude of smaller items which will upgrade further into the item tree completing the legendary item. This also will allow more unique build paths for each hero and more diverse gameplay overall.

With the new features there have also been new items added to the game. The first set of items are geared towards the start of the game. They are in the range of starting gold, which is 650, and a potion or other lower cost item. The starter items contain a quest which after completed causes the item to evolve into something more powerful with better overall stats.

Some of the other new items are more geared towards the late game, including an upgrade of the ranged support item “Scrying Stone” which now builds into the newly implemented “Scryer’s Obelisk”. The new late game items also have assisted in starting to fill up the formerly lacking purple faction that up until recently only homed one aspect and a few items. To compliment the addition of new items there have also been balance changes overall to heroes and the familiar items of Fault. Which can be reviewed here