Strange Matter Dev Stream Update

Dylan "The_Agorian" DiGregorio
November 7, 2020

New Updates

         Strange Matter Studios hosted their first dev stream in a few months. Today’s episode featured game developer Sylphin, UI/Web Developer Alaya, and Community Manager RyanRed. The team gave information to the future of Fault and the game development progression. 

The developers had a fun time reviewing pre-alpha and alpha footage which premiered some first impressions and highlighted moments of the early Fault days. After enjoying some laughs, funny moments and crazy plays the team moved forward to new updated gameplay footage revealing a 4k rendition of the game by “Nixatek”. This showcased how far the independent company has come from just a little over a year ago. 

The viewing was followed up by watching the third episode of “What The Fault Moments” by WTF Fault Moments which contained a group of funny bugs from alpha weekends resulting in comical relief and enjoyment for the viewing community as well as the developers. 

The team took some time to preview some artwork from the vaults that were provided by the community. A few icon/avatar concepts along with skin concepts were shown. Those from creators like Bkaaa, Marcio Rambo, Bozle, Annyahilator, Maofish, and Espada of the SMS media team.

The devs sent out a small peak during the stream which contained a new level up animation from the in house created, up and coming heads up display (HUD).

Web Developer Alaya went over the progress of the new HUD and how she is spending time gathering feedback and information regarding how it is coming along. She was originally working on the base of the HUD alone and brought along UX/UI developer N1H1L to assist her with the full completion and implementation of the HUD. (the hud is not yet complete tentative by the end of the year)

At the end of the dev stream the SMS discord moderators have announced in the discord community events channel that there will be an All Random All Middle (ARAM) event coming November 14th, 2020 starting at 12pm est. This event will be hosted in the discord where players will receive a custom role in order to view the corresponding channels where they will gather.