FaultCast: Episode Twenty One

June 16, 2020

Welcome back! After some overwhelmingly positive feedback from a recent Q&A we posted on Twitter, we had the opportunity to sit down with some familiar voices of the show, Ryan Red and Sylphin, whom both of which are developers for Strange Matter Studios. Throughout the discussion, we were able to ask about the development of the game and how the journey for the team has been since the last Alpha Weekend. We also discussed the importance of developing a competitive E-Sports scene and what that could look like when Fault is ready for it. Ryan has been working behind the scenes quite relentlessly for Fault's E-Sport scene and it was nice to hear him discuss this topic. If there is any takeaway from that segment, it's that the man has a true passion for competitive play! Lastly, we definitely didn't forget about you guys as we had some of your frequently asked questions regarding Fault answered!

I know a lot of you in the community are excited for the release of Early Access, as are we, but I can assure you that patience is crucial during these times. After talking a little more off-air with some of the Strange Matter team, I know that they are working tirelessly and diligently to bring you guys an amazing game play experience! Quite frankly, that experience is something this community deserves! We're excited for the future and we hope you are too! Lastly, we hope to bring back our weekly release schedule once a playable build of Fault is ready. But for now, we will more than likely stick to our bi-weekly schedule as we are utilizing this extra time towards working on some exciting things behind the scenes. That all being said, we appreciate each and every single one of you for tuning in and following along with us on this journey! Stay safe and take care!

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