Fault Hub Network Weekly ARAM Official Announcement

Gregory "Im_Stranger" Kerwin
November 5, 2020

Quick Definition: “All Random All Mid” (ARAM) is a party game mode exclusive to the MOBA genre of video games, wherein all players play on the same lane and their playable hero is chosen at random.

FHN will be hosting an ARAM this Saturday, November 7th starting at 8pm EST to kick off the beginning of our official weekly ARAMs at FHN. We will be using the LFG lobby channels in the discord for organization.

Rules pertaining to FHN ARAMs are as follows:

  • Everyone must go down only the middle lane and fight to the enemy core. Nobody is allowed to enter the jungle at any point in the game. 
  • If for some reason a player does enter a fog wall into the jungle, they are to re-enter the middle lane immediately through the same fog wall. 
  • Currently there is no one lane map designed in Fault. Therefore, ARAMs in Fault is played on a three lane map.
  • Here is a suggested area of the map to use as a guide for your ARAM games. 


  • All of the players in the games' heroes and aspects are chosen at random.
  • Fault Hub Network has designed a Hero randomizer, that randomly chooses your hero, aspects and more. You can use the application by clicking on the link here: Fault Randomizer or by typing in your web browser and clicking on the corresponding tab.. 
  • In the randomizer FHN has included an option for your items as well,, if you want to go the extra step and make everything random. This is not a requirement for an ARAM game. 

  • You are not allowed to return to base in an ARAM game, This means that if you want to return to base, you must have your hero die. 

  • If you are about to lose a side inhibitor. One person may go back to save it. 
  • Since ARAM’s in Fault are currently on a three lane map, you may have to stop the minions from taking your inhibitor. This is the only acceptable reason to break the map rules of ARAM. 
  • Since bounties are in Fault there have been adjustments to compensate for this, FHN suggests that the best course of action when saving an inhibitor is to ‘bounce’ the minions off of the inhibitor. Allow the tower to get the last hit on the minions not your hero.
  • The hero must return to the middle lane via the back of the lane and NOT through the jungle 
  • (This is to prevent a minion wave of gold to be awarded to a specific hero for free)

Final Note:

  • Remember that ARAM is designed to be a quick, chaotic and difficult mode that is purely for the enjoyment of team fights and more. 
  • It is up to you and your group of players on both teams to uphold the integrity of the rules of ARAM to ensure an enjoyable experience.
  • FHN will continue to strive at developing a community for all things Fault. 

  • See you on the Faultline, Faultarians