Fault Challenger League

Xavier "Kodiris" Ruiz
September 4, 2020

Yesterday, we at The Fault Hub Network announced the Fault Challenger League - a community-driven competitive environment that will include tournaments up to a regularly scheduled league. 

***Official dates for events will be released at a later date***

The Open Qualifiers

Fall of 2020, we will be hosting our very first tournament, the Open Qualifiers. This tournament is open to the public and free to enter. Sign-ups will begin once an official tournament date is announced. All skill levels are welcome.

Fault Challenger League

The Open Qualifiers is just the first step in our dream for competitive Fault. This tournament will determine which team has the opportunity to compete in the regular season league that will have a $1000 base prize pool shared between EU & NA.

In order for the community to prepare for the tournament/league ahead of time, here are some rules that will shed some light on the structure: 

Open Qualifiers Structure
  1. Inaugural Open Qualifiers Tournament. The Inaugural Tournament will have no maximum registration size. This phase will consist of a double-elimination tournament among all registered teams. All rounds will be a best of one match up to the quarter-finals. Quarterfinals and forward will be a best of three. However, all loser bracket matches will be a best of one up to the Losers Semi-Finals. The Loser Finals will be a best of three Match. The top six (6) teams from the tournament will be awarded with a spot in the FCL with a seed dependent on the finish of each team in the inaugural tournament.

Fault Challenger League Structure
  1. Regular Season. This phase consists of six teams, each playing ten Games per 5 week period, (i.e., length of the regular season is five weeks) against opponents from the league. Each game in the regular season will take place on either a Saturday or Sunday at a specific time. A full schedule of date and Matches will be found at

  1. Playoffs.  This phase consists of a single-elimination tournament among the top four (4) Teams from the Regular Season, seeded according to their Regular Season rank determined by Match winning percentage. Each round except the finals will be a best of three matches. The finals will consist of a best of five match. Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers as well as the third-place finisher. 

  1. Open Qualifiers. The Open Qualifiers will be on Week Seven (7) of the FCL format. This phase will consist of no limit to the amount of teams that can register. All Matches up to the Quarter Finals will be best of one Matches. Quarter Finals and forward will be a best of three Matches. Quarterfinals and forward will be live-streamed by FHN. The top two finishers will be awarded a spot in the FCL League.

General Information and Rules
    Team Member Eligibility
  1. General Eligibility

FHN shall have, in its sole and absolute discretion, the right to determine the eligibility of any and all Participants in the FCL or FHN related tournaments. Players acknowledge that the eligibility determination of FHN is final, and that the eligibility status of any Participant or player may change at any time. 

  1. Player Age

FCL. All players regardless of age are eligible for participation. 

         3. Staff 

SMS. Nobody employed by Strange Matter Studios is allowed to participate in the FCL and FHN related tournaments regardless of scope (player, coach, manager etc.)

FHN. Nobody directly involved in the FCL and FHN related tournaments either as a Tournament Admin, Founder and/or Moderator is eligible to participate. This may include some staff members as well, and is to be reviewed on a case by case basis dependent on their affiliation with the tournaments. 

         4. Violations

TOS. Any player that is/has been found in violation of Strange Matter Studios’ Terms of Service is ineligible for participation. 

Previous Infractions. Any player that has violated FCL rules in previous or current tournaments are subject to appropriate eligibility penalties. Punishments range from one (1) game suspension up to permanent ban from any FHN related tournaments. 

        5. Regional Requirements 

                      Region Lock. Teams may only play in one region. (EU or NA)

                         - If a team wants to play in a region they are not residing in they may do so but will not be able to host any matches resulting in higher latency

                      Team Staff

                              - Owners/Managers/Coaches as Player. The Owner, Coach or Manager of the Team is eligible as a member of the full team roster provided they do not violate previous eligibility requirements.  

Game Rules

         4.1 Draft.  For Early Access there will be no bans for heroes. However, there will be no duplicate heroes in the Games and no mirrors. Teams will choose through the draft with the actual draft system in place in Fault. 

        4.2 Cheating. There is no cheating allowed in the FCL and FHN affiliated tournaments. Cheats include and are not limited to: Exploiting a bug, creating an advantage that does not fall within the Official Rules, or subverting the official rules in any way. Founders and Tournament Admins have the complete authority to deem a certain play, mechanic, strategy and anything else that is considered in the game of Fault and outside of these Official Rules as cheating. 

***Full rules and procedures will be released when the tournament date is announced. ***

It is never too late to begin preparing, so make sure to join our discord and use our #lf-team channels to find a group to compete with.

- Xavier “Kodiris” Ruiz (Tournament Administrator & Lead Web Developer)